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To help people along, we would like to include a recommended FORM LETTER they can use, to make it easier for them to pass along the word to their colleagues.


You may know that I am very concerned about the grave risks posed by DSM-5- for reasons detailed below. A petition to reform DSM-5 started by psychologists has already been signed by 6000 people, and in addition, both the British Psychological Society and the American Counseling Association have been sharply critical of DSM-5. We need your help to sign the petition and to help spread the word to colleagues of interest, who may also wish to sign the petition to support this effort to reform the DSM-5.

Basic issues raised by the petition include:
1) The reckless DSM 5 proposals were written by researchers who have lost touch with the safety needs of clinical practice. DSM 5 will be a kind of public health experiment testing what even they admit are often no more than untested scientific hypotheses.
2)DSM 5 will cause diagnostic inflation, precipitate fad diagnoses, medicalize normality, and make mental disorder virtually ubiquitous.
3) This will greatly exacerbate the current massive overuse of psychiatric medication. Remarkably, antipsychotics are now the best selling drugs in all of medicine; antidepressants are third; antianxiety drugs eighth. 11% of the population is on antidepressants; 4% of kids are on stimulants; 5% of all prescriptions are for an antipsychotic.
4) The DSM 5 suggestions are based on little evidence and must be subjected to rigorous and independent scientific review before they are allowed to exert widespread influence on clinical practice.
5) A great deal is at stake and many millions of lives will be affected.

Here is a recent blog with more information-

DSM 5- Living Document or Dead on Arrival

If you agree with me that the APA defense of DSM-5 is much more troubling than reassuring, consider signing the petition requesting reform at:

Thank you,


Please go to the petition website and sign the petition! Spread the word! Thank you!