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Corrections & Updates

Updates in DSM-5 Development
  • Update: At the time of the 2nd posting of DSM-5 draft proposals, the Somatic Symptom Disorders Work Group listed Factitious Disorder under Somatic Symptom Disorders. It has since been proposed to reclassify Factitious Disorder under “Other Disorders” (though not all content pages on dsm5.org have been updated to reflect this change). The proposal to de-emphasize medically unexplained symptoms remains. (Credit: Suzy Chapman, DX Revision Watch)
Corrections to Open Letter and Reform Website
  • Correction: In 8th paragraph, of open letter, the word “transitive” should read ”transient”: “Increasing the number of people who qualify for a diagnosis may lead to excessive medicalization and stigmatization of transient, even normative distress.”

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