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A Message from the Chair of the Division 32 Open Letter Committee

Statement from David N. Elkins, PhD

The Coalition to Reform DSM-5 is a collection of mental health organizations that are concerned about the proposed DSM-5. The word “coalition” means no more, and no less, than that.  It is expected that each member organization will exercise its own freedom to address the DSM-5 proposals in its own way.  It is also expected that member organizations will not always agree with one another, especially in regard to focus, emphasis, and strategy. Further, when one member organization publishes an opinion or initiates an action, it should not be assumed that the other organizations necessarily support that opinion or action.  What holds us together in this coalition is not our agreement on every issue but, rather, an immediate concern that the proposed DSM-5 is problematic and should be modified prior to publication.

This website is designed to serve as  an “electronic clearinghouse” where coalition members, and anyone else, can quickly access current information on the DSM-5 reform effort.  The Division 32 Open Letter Committee is ultimately responsible for website content but we solicit suggestions to make the website more effective.  Please send all comments to info@dsm5-reform.com

If there is any hope of reforming DSM-5, it depends on amassing as many signatures as possible at our petition website.  So if you are wondering what you can do to assist in this effort, the most immediate answer is this:  go to the petition website at the URL below, read the Open Letter, and sign if you agree with it.  Then, after you sign, contact as many mental health professionals as possible to ask them to consider doing the same.  If every website visitor would do this, the number of signatures on our petition website would grow exponentially.  The Open Letter and the petition website are the center of this effort.  If we wish our concerns to be heard and acted upon by the DSM-5 Task Force and the American Psychiatric Association, we must have thousands and thousands of signatures.  Please consider going to the URL right now and signing.  It takes only a minute: Sign Petition Now!

Thank you for your interest in this important project.

David N. Elkins, PhD

Chair, Division 32 Open Letter Committee

President, Division 32, Society for Humanistic Psychology, American Psychological Association

Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Graduate School of Education and Psychology, Pepperdine University Fellow of the American Psychological Association

Please go to the petition website and sign the petition! Spread the word! Thank you!