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Division 32 Symposium Attracts More Than 500 at APA Convention!!

By Dave Elkins, Immediate Past President of Division 32

The DSM-5 Symposium sponsored by Division 32 at the APA Convention in Orlando (August 2-5, 2012) was an astounding success. The
symposium, which was held on Friday morning, attracted more than 500 attendees, one of the best-attended symposia of the APA convention.

APA filmed the session and plans to make it available for Continuing Education credit, thus ensuring that even more psychologists and other professionals will view the video. Thanks to all the symposium participants and also to the members of the audience who spoke up to express their support for the ongoing DSM reform effort.

Where do we go from here? For next year (2013), Frank Farley and Jonathan Raskin, members of the Division 32 Open Letter Committee, are already putting together an egalitarian, international meeting with
representatives of professional associations from around the world (including representatives from the British Psychological Society and the American Counseling Association) to discuss the feasibility of reconceptualizing psychological distress from a more psychosocial perspective and developing an alternative manual
to the DSM and the ICD, both of which are based on medical model assumptions that are eschewed by hundreds of thousands of therapists who do not think of their clients, nor work with their clients, from a medical model perspective. Thanks to all who helped make the APA symposium such a huge success.

I wish especially to thank members of the Div. 32 Open Letter Committee who have worked tirelessly during the past year on the DSM Reform effort:
Brent Robbins,
Donna Rockwell,
Jon Raskin,
Frank Farley,
Sarah Kamens.

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